Turning the System Around

Greenpeace transformative plan to recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19 and be better equipped to face the environmental crisis. 

We’ve entered the Coronacene era1, probably as the inevitable result of the “before” era, the Anthropocene, when we forgot about global human needs and focussed on economic profit. No race for financial gain has been so destructive in history or led to such an unprecedented planetary crisis.

The health crisis caused by a minuscule but devastating virus and the ensuing economic and job-related impacts now join two of this century’s great challenges: the environmental crisis and the growing social inequality; these problems must not be forgotten or ignored. Science tells us it is crucial we take measures against the climate crisis in the next decade, we must devise a solution in the next four years if we don’t want the impacts we are already experiencing to become irreversible.

Here the Spanish version of this report